Ansel | Tabby Boy

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Breed: DSH, white tabby

Birthday: March 3, 2015

Gotcha Day: May 30, 2015

Ansel Kittle didn’t have a name for about a day and a half. Poor thing. He’s my sweet baby boy who loves being held & receiving kisses. He has his own Instagram @AnselKittle if you want to see more of him.

Here are some quick Ansel facts:

  1. he is a cuddlier
  2. he loves everybody he meets
  3. if you leave food unattended you don’t have to worry about the dogs but you do him
  4. he LOVES banana pudding, it’s his favorite
  5. he will watch the movie Elf all the way through
  6. we watch it on his gotcha day
  7. ribbon toys on the floor are his favorite
  8. he naps on my desk in his bed
  9. he likes to sleep either on top of the cat climb or under the blankets at bed time
  10. he’s my biggest kitty weighing in over 13 pounds