My Frequently Asked Top Ten Questions

  1. What breed is Willow?
    • He is a Catahoula Leopard Dog, German Shepherd and Siberian Husky mix.
  2. What breed is Anakin?
    • He is a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
  3. Do you recommend a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog for service work?
  4. How did you decided on a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog?
    • I knew from the start I’d need a breed large enough for mobility work; that knowledge was my foundation. I took 3 months to narrow down my top 3 breeds (Doberman, Golden and Swissy). From there I took another 2 weeks to decided which breed best fit me. After that it was another 2 months to find my top 3 breeders and pick one I’d like to partner with for the next 13 years of my dog’s life. From there it was another 2 months until I met my breeder and another 3 months until Anakin was born.
  5. So choosing a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog wasn’t a whim?
    • Absolutely not. From the beginning process to Anakin coming home was 13.5 months total. So well over a year went into choosing and planning Anakin.
  6. How long does training take?
    • This depends completely on your dog and its breed. The average for most commonly used breeds for service work is 18 months to 2 years.
  7. How did you teach your dog to do This?
    • Practice, practice, practice everyday. For more details on how I trained my dogs to do a certain Task check my training category.
  8. How often do you train?
    • Everyday we do something. Always.
  9. Do you have public access issues with 2 dogs?
    • Now that I take 2 I’ve had less issues than when I had one. I suppose establishments think that if someone is gutsy enough to walk in with 2 large dogs they must be legit, right?
  10. Does Anakin learn from Willow?
    • Having a seasoned dog around really does help with training and settling in new situations. As a puppy Anakin observed Willow and copied him. Now Anakin figures things out for himself and likes to show off once he’ understands what I’m asking.