Kyle | The Jester

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Breed: DSH, tuxedo

Appx. Birthday: May 1, 2015

Gotcha Day: June 7, 2015

Kyle, aka Fedder, is my youngest kitty and the most… interesting…

Here are some quick Kyle facts:

  1. Kyle was named after a classmate of mine who passed away Sophmore year from cancer
  2. he is the most mischievous kitty I’ve ever seen
  3. when he wants pets nothing stands in the way, including a door
  4. if locked out Kyle will scratch underneath the door & eventually tear up chunks of carpet until he fits underneath
  5. every morning before breakfast is zoomie time
  6. he can jump higher than I am tall
  7. when found. his back leg was broken & he was 12 hours from starving to death
  8. he likes to sleep in the cubby above my head or under the blankets at my feet
  9. I had to turn the upstairs landing into a kitty playground because of him
  10. at home he loves everyone he meets, anywhere else is filled with the spawns of Satan &Β a water demon