Lauren | Handler

What to say about me? Well, my birthday is July 26th making me a Leo. (Roar.) And I have a love for my bed and cookie dough. I suffer from migraines that are different than the average. A migraine happens when the blood vessels in your brain constrict, restricting the blood flow around said vital organ. For me, the constriction happens near the portion of the brain that controls motor function and balance. If severe enough, the memory portion literally shuts off, as in my brain stops recording memory. This happens from a lack of firing neurons (electricity). Think of your brain like a DVR, no power, no record. The cable still plays for everyone else but you have no idea what happened during your favorite show until someone tells you about it (not as fun). So far, what happens is similar to an absenceย seizure though seizures have not been completely ruled out or in as of yet. My neurologist and I are still working on it.

Here are some quick Lauren facts:

  1. I love to read
  2. two horses call me mom, their names are Karma and Shaka
  3. I prefer to stay home with the company of my furrkids versus human beings
  4. I’m very crafty and can make/do:
    1. crochet
    2. knitting
    3. bead work
    4. make bead jewelry
    5. paracord weaving
    6. loom work
    7. drawing
    8. basic sewing
    9. up-cycling
    10. scrap booking
  5. I love to color
  6. kids movies are my favorite
  7. my favorite ice cream is cookies and cream
  8. murder shows are a guilty pleasure
  9. my parents are relatively young, in fact one of my nest friends is older than both & her son is a year older than me
  10. I like lists… a lot