Lovey | Baby Girl

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Breed: lower generation Bengal cross

Appx. Birthday: April 24, 2012

Gotcha Day: May 12, 2012

Lovey isn’t Lovey’s real name… It’s Lu’Wren but she doesn’t know that. She got the name because I am an avid Gilligan’s Island fan and the nickname just seemed to fit her, you know? Her Instagram is @luwrenthecat.

Here are some quick Lovey facts:

  1. she is my only girl
  2. she suffers from feline herpes
  3. because of this she’s a sickly littleย thing
  4. she tolerates other people but would rather not
  5. she’s a momma’s girl
  6. she suffers from seizures
  7. she has been seizure free since March 2015 thanks to medication
  8. she goes to work with me everyday
  9. she’s been on the office Christmas card
  10. her favorite treat is turkey