Service Dog Etiquette

For the Public

  • they are a service dog, not a pet
  • they are working, leave them alone
  • ignore them
  • please do not talk to them
  • please do not pet them
  • please do not distract them by:
    • making kissey noises
    • offering food or water
    • waving a “toy” at them
    • leaving your children attended
  • act like the dog does not exist
  • interfering with a service dog in any way within the state of Texas is a misdemeanor punishable by jail time & minimum $300 fine (please note, this is only a criminal punishment, not a civil one which could also be filed against you)
  • asking why a handler has a service dog is rude & medically intrusive
  • staring, whispering, pointing and taking photos is rude
  • treat the handler like any other person because they are

For Handlers

  • if your dog makes any mess you should clean it up or seek a custodian to help you
  • allowing your dog to shake in a restaurant is rude
  • keep your dog as out of the way as possible for their safety as well as the public’s