Willow | Retired SD

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Breed: Catahoula. German Shepherd & Husky mix

Birthday: January 24, 2012

Gotcha Day: February February 28, 2012

Willow was born under a house in the middle of nowhere with his six littler mates. Originally, I wanted to keep two of the puppies, Willow and his brother Roran. At the time I had to choose between the two and Willow won out. Good thing too because he turned out to be perfect for service work.

His tasks include:

  1. momentum pulling
  2. counter balance
  3. retrieving dropped item
  4. retreiving item from shelving
  5. retrieving known items
    1. phone
    2. keys
    3. leash
    4. remote
    5. meds
  6. carrying an item
  7. medical alert
  8. following known persons
  9. finding a known person
  10. finding a seat/empty wall
  11. bracing
  12. light guide work
  13. provides downward/upward stability on stairs
  14. shutting doors & cabinets
  15. turning lights on & off
  16. leg bouncing interruption
  17. toy clean up
  18. trash

Here are some quick Willow facts:

  1. he was the runt in a littler of seven and is now the second biggest
  2. his brother Bucephalus is all white and belongs to my mom
  3. he’s very picky about what treats he likes
  4. he prefers affection over toys and treats
  5. once he feels he’s learned something he becomes bored very quickly
  6. he doesn’t do well when he thinks someone is mad at him, he hates it
  7. if you pet him he’ll be your best friend
  8. when off duty he likes to nap and play
  9. his little tail wags get me every time
  10. when I rescued puppies I’d put them in the kennel with Willow for warmth and security, he would adopt the puppies as his own and protect them from the other dogs and teach them manners, my family dubbed him The Puppy Whisperer